the Manifesto

the art of neo-tailoring

Hey, we’re esther bancel and we don’t want to be a fashion brand. Instead, we decided to create style, even if it doesn’t please everyone, as long as it pleases you. At esther bancel you will find non-conformist and unconventional tailoring. We call that: neo-tailoring. We destroy codes; because fuck codes. It’s like saying to someone, “You a guy? Sorry, you can’t wear our tailoring piece even if you love it.” Gender doesn’t make any sense when it comes to clothing. Okay, it’s not that simple, but that’s our problem. If you like it, wear it #fuckGender


So, at esther bancel, you’ll find elegant and underground tailoring pieces, which break codes, unisex, oh and sure, made in France too, because let’s not fuck around, a jacket that has been made in butt fuck nowhere by someone with no name, it’s not our thing. We know the names and history of all the people who were involved in the manufacture of your tailoring piece and we can assure you that they put their passion and stories into it so that you can be proud of it.


At esther bancel, we like non-conformist, skulls, tattoos, cabinets of curiosity, black, auteur cinema, counter-cultures and all those who think that standards are made as to not be respected.

We are 2 founders, we hang out with different people, for whom clothing is a reflection of personality, people who do not hesitate to pierce the mesh of their high-end designer tailoring jacket with a XXL safety pin. People with a destroyed spirit and the ambition to make this world more beautiful to look at.

We think that style needs a new French elegance, less boring, less standardized for those who want to be elegant but not conventional, wear avant-gardist tailoring and this is what we will build over the next 44 years: #eleganceIsTheUnderground

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