the Manifesto

the art of neo-couture

Hey, we’re esther bancel, we do creative & artistic fashion with nothing but good in it.


Genderless, irreverent and elegant pieces from exceptional tailoring know-how.


“I’m inspired by everything that’s not part of the standard in our society. Through my creations I try to embellish what is rejected and to poeticize everything that seems unconventional.”


Yeah, artistic pieces that are good for the style but also for the planet. And for that, we had to get rid of some bad habits. No season, no calendar, no collection… with us, it’s the human, the creativity and above all the artist who sets the pace!


Basically, we make Neo-couture: the excellence of know-how and artistic creativity at the service of an innovative and sustainable brand. All our pieces are designed to order, without stock, because we believe that each garment created must be desired and worn (for a long time) or even transmitted. To have less clothes but the right ones, the ones we wear what!


And that’s not all! We do not produce any material. All our pieces are manufactured (in France) thanks to stocks of fabrics, most often from famous Houses and therefore always in limited editions.

Smart isn’t it?


We have the fierce will to create more than a brand and to make artistic fashion have a positive impact on the world…are we launching the movement together?




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