the Manifesto

the art of neo-tailoring

Hey, we’re esther bancel and we didn’t want to be a fashion brand. So instead, we decided to create style, even if it didn’t please everyone, as long as it pleased you. At esther bancel you will find a mix of social non-conformism and poetry. A wardrobe inspired by the tailoring know-how revisited in an irreverent way. It’s called neo-tailoring. Turning towards tolerance and freedom, we ignore codes and conventions. And it starts with gender, which we erase, because it doesn’t make any sense when it comes to clothing. Okay, technically it’s not that simple, but that’s our problem. If you like the clothes, wear them.


So to resume, at esther bancel you will find elegant, tailoring, non-conformist, poetic and unisex pieces, oh and sure and made in France too! We know the first name and history of all the people who were involved in the manufacture of your tailoring pieces and we can assure you that they put their passion and stories into it and that you can be proud of them.


At esther bancel, we also like skulls, tattoos, cabinets of curiosity, counter-cultures…and all unconventional sources of inspiration allowing us to develop a very personal iconography, sublimating for example, insects or skulls.


Like a modern-day alchemist, esther bancel is the current response to a vision of a more tolerant world, a new era, by transforming the darkness of our most intimate and repressed fears and prohibitions into a creative manna that is both gentle and transcendent.


We think that style needs a new French elegance, less boring, less conformist, more poetic and this is what we will build over the next 44 years…

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