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“Neo-tailoring is the must have in 2019,” says Shannon Schafer, Fashion Director at Nordstrom.

And it could last!

“Neo-tailoring is the must have in 2019,” says Shannon Schafer, Fashion Director at Nordstrom.

And it could last!

When was the last time you wore a suit? To go to work in the trading room? To go to the opera? A wedding? What if you were told that you would no longer need special occasions to wear it and that you could look elegant in everyday life without being classic…

Several decades ago, the costume was the main part of the dressing room, especially for men, then gradually for women, thanks to brands like Yves Saint Laurent. Tailors were hype and you had to go through Savile Row, in London, to find the tailor-made suit that would give you a crazy look.
Yeah, but here we are, jeans, hoodies, sneakers and other so-called “casual streetwear” clothes went through that and destroyed our beautiful tailor jackets and shoulder pads on their way.

So at esther bancel, we decided to rebuild everything, to give men and women back the opportunity to be elegant, but in our own way: a mix of know-how and unconventional, just to rewrite some standards. It’s called the era of neo-tailoring.

The idea is simple:

  1. We use all the codes of tailor know-how by sourcing materials from the largest Savile Row manufacturers in London and we work with French tailors who have worked for the largest companies.
  2. There are no rules in the cuts and appearance of the traditional tailor: it’s destructured, mixed with unexpected materials, freed from its formal and severe connotations: here comes the suit of 2019.

Wore with chains, an XXL safety pin and Dr Martens, we want to make the suit a pleasant and powerful piece of clothing for everyday use. Formerly emblem of the power of the elites, we give everyone the opportunity to grab the suit jacket and trousers.

We are in the process of preparing the next collection. About twenty pieces of tailors’ pieces that we will put on sale, exclusively on the e-shop. Neo-tailoring combining know-how and inspiration from counter-cultures, creating modern and avant-garde tailors.

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