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In 1964 you had no choice, you had to be a rocker or a mod to be something, to exist…

But who are the mods?

Even if they were considered as effeminated snobs by the rockers, the Mods (or Modernists) were never the last ones for the fight. The style of the Mods certainly originates from small groups of fans of modern jazz, gathering especially in the Soho district of London. In less than 15 years it will become one of the main movements, especially in the youth, thus seriously overshadowing the Rockers.

We adore the philosophy of the Mods because their constant goal was to make their lives a work of art. This resulted in a modern, elegant, urban and dynamic style and the adoption of highly defined codes.

At first the musical level, the Mods only listened to black American music: jazz, rhythm’n’blues or soul.

Regarding their movements, again the Mods were an affront to the Rockers since instead of the big noisy motorbike, they favored the Vespa scooter, which he amused himself by customizing in some crazy way sometimes. Not being stingy with bidding the mods added several dozen chrome headlights to their scooter, stacked on top of each other, just that we identify them well and that we see it coming from far!

Culture level, the Mods adored art … besides it was very often students in this discipline and shared inflamed debates with their colleagues on the writings of Jean-Paul Sartre, cinema sessions around the films of Roman Polanski or Jean-Luc Godard, often a Gauloise-branded cigarette on their lips.

mods & scooter underground fashion
mods & rockers underground fashion

Period: 60’s

Highlight: Their scooters

Famous:  Martin Freeman & Bradley Wiggins…

Movies: Blow-Up, What’s Good for the Goose…

mods underground fashion

And for the style, what was it?

Adoring the dance battles but not at all ruffling their clothes, the mods had the style and elegance pegged to the body. Worse, they were really obsessed with their appearance. They were not afraid to put color in their shirts that they often bought from Fred Perry or Ben Sherman. Below, the Mods wore Levi’s that they managed to shrink in order to have the cut as snug as possible. Their costumes were systematically made by tailors because the Mods did not want to be dictated to in any way regarding fashion. They decided themselves on their own tendency. What freedom!

Do you want discover the Zootsuit style?

mod underground fashion

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