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the magazine – Zoot Suit

Why is it a counterculture ?

During World War II the Zoot Suit was illegal due to the quantity of fabric needed to make it and the restrictions established by government. It was the underground dress uniform of young, ethnic, rebellious men and women. That’s why the peoples who wore Zoot Suits were seen as being unpatriotic.



The Zoot Suit consisted of an extremely wide and long suit jacket with 2 buttons and large lapels. The Zoot Suiters wore extremely baggy trousers that came well above the waist. The pants tapered at the bottom to a very tight cuff at the ankles and were held up with suspenders.

zoot suit esther bancel
zoot suit esther bancel

Periodlate 30s

Who: working class from Black, Hispanic and Filipino communities

Highlight: Zoot Suit Riot. Los Angeles 1943. A week of violent street fighting in Los Angeles.

Famous Zoot Suiter : Malcom X

zoot suit esther bancel
zoot suit esther bancel
zoot suit esther bancel

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