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Dear counterculture fans, let us introduce you the TeddyBoy…do you already know these incredible guys? No? Ok, below is a brief description…

Who are they? 

They are from the 1950s in Great Britain when English people were moving on from the struggle of life during World War II. Britain was rebuilding itself and there was plenty of work. Young people had access to money like never before and had a unique goal: spend it on fun and exciting stuff…but the TeddyBoys were considered as bad or violent due to their thug life.

teddyboy - esther bancel - counterculture
teddyboy - esther bancel - counterculture

Period: 1950s

Who: teenagers from working class

Highlight:  Teddy Girls ! The Teddy Girls’ choices of clothes were not intended strictly for aesthetic effect; these girls were collectively rejecting post-war austerity

Famous TeddyBoy: Ray Stiles

teddyboy esther bancel counterculture
teddyboy esther bancel counterculture

Let’s talk about the style

The TeddyBoy style born on the street and created by the street.

As we told you, the Teddy Boy style became popular in the 1950s and is bringing back the Edwardian style of men’s clothing.

The pants were tight and often white socks peeked out under the ankle length trousers. The jackets were a bit longer. Vests were worn sometimes brocade, and a skinny or western style tie topped off the outfit. Their favourite shoes were the famous suede “Creeper”. And finally, the TeddyBoys often wore bouffant or slicked hairstyles with elaborate curls in the front.

teddyboy creepers esther bancel

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