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“We called this first collection Crucial Duality because we realized that it was inconceivable for Morgan and me, not to be together and that there was a part of the other in each of us.”

“We called this first collection Crucial Duality because we realized that it was inconceivable for Morgan and me, not to be together and that there was a part of the other in each of us.”

Why did you choose an eponymous brand name?

It’s a natural choice … Morgan and I knew from the beginning that one day we would be creating our brand together. From the beginning, we spoke about the Esther Bancel brand as a matter of course. So of course at the beginning it was the joke, then a dream, then the perspective and finally one day we talked about it seriously and we acted… a few months later we left our jobs and we started to write the story of a name that represents us, which represents the family we are creating. The brand speaks about the 2 of us, who we are and what we want to become. The most beautiful and strong symbol that unites us today is our name and what we will do.

Jacket Esther Bancel - Fashion High End
Skull Esther Bancel - elegance

Creation: 2018

What: French fashion high-end ready to wear which mixe elegant and underground fashion

Who:  Esther & Morgan BANCEL

Tagline: Elegance is the new punk_

Skull Esther Bancel

You say that fashion is, for you, the best way to open your relationship to others … why?

Yes, it’s true. As a fusional couple we are very focused on ourselves. We do everything together, most of the time we are self-sufficient. It’s both an intoxicating but also dangerous sensation … Our first connection with the outside world has always been art. Art is naturally something that we share, it is part of our strongest links with the outside world.

In one year, we have had PACS, we moved to Paris, we are engaged and we are getting married. We were not supposed to create the brand so fast but it was stronger than us. We had to express the year we had just had and what better than to create our brand to express ourselves.

The brand speaks about us, speaks about the couple and all the couples who, like us, try to free themselves, the power takes over themselves. That’s why we combine the power of elegance with the freedom of underground fashion.


You come from Lyon with Morgan, why did you come to Paris and leave all your ties there?

We have always been great lovers of Paris. Even as Lyonnais we did a lot of round trips between Lyon and Paris. Sometimes for appointments but often just for fun. Our favorite place was the 18th, Abbesses, Montmartre and it’s funny because, when arriving in Paris, the first opportunity to have an apartment was in Montmartre. Since then, we are still there and we love this neighborhood.

I arrived first in Paris because I had a professional opportunity. Morgan had to stay in Lyon and we were separated for a month. Not very nice! The time to settle his business (Morgan was an entrepreneur and had his business in Lyon) and he joined me. The opportunity I had precipitated our visit to Paris, but we knew we would have come one day or the other. Sure, it’s a sacrifice for us to leave our family and come to Paris alone, but we have the impression that it was part of the path we had to take.


It was in Lyon that you discovered fashion?

It’s even in the small country, where I come from, near Lyon that I learned to love fashion. I am a true fashion enthusiast since always. My mom gave me the artistic fiber. She was and still is an amateur painter. From a very young age she made me aware of shapes, colors, movements … we always had art magazines at home. I loved books on the history of fashion. It has become a real passion for me. From the history of the costume, through that of the French Houses, military uniforms or of course, underground fashions, I try to learn everything because I like to know why I create a garment. My shapes, movements, details are not chosen at random. They coordinate perfectly to create a story, drawn from all that I have absorbed since I am interested in art.    

esther bancel underground fashion

Your first collection will be finished soon, what will she tell?

She tells us about our last year with Morgan. The story of a couple who separated by the distance, me to come to Paris, him staying in Lyon, who felt it badly but who finds themselves to regain power over themselves, to emancipate artistically and intellectually. As usual I created with my emotions and my head. I like to mix what I feel about the moment and associate it with very down-to-earth symbols and a meticulous study of each piece. The collection speaks about our weaknesses and our strengths, our ambitions and our actions at a time T.

We called this first collection Crucial Duality because we realized that it was inconceivable for us not to be together and that there was a part of the other in each of us. I told it in this first collection by looking for visual references in the art of elegance and underground methods. Details that spoke of how I felt.


Can you describe your collection?

It is a collection that will propose an elegant but unconventional wardrobe. Alternative elegance in some way, since we will only resume the basics of elegance and we destroyed the prerequisites by seeking references in underground cultures such as Punk, Urban or Hip-hop.

We will find the tailor jacket in tweed with a unique weave that was made exclusively for us by the best manufacturer of French tweed. We will also find Calais lace or French silk. But all these materials will be associated with unexpected shapes like the big bellows pocket or materials such as black patent leather and metal chains…  


When will it be available?

It will be ready by the end of the year but officially presented in January for the Autumn Winter 2019-2020.


This is just the beginning for you … can you imagine what’s next?

I do not imagine it, I only enjoy it… I’m the creative, the duo artist! It is Morgan who imagines the continuation, who is always 3 steps ahead. We found an incredible balance in the brand by succeeding in working, living, evolving, growing together, perfectly knowing our roles, our strengths and our place.  

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