the magazine – How Punk influences our style

Elegance is the new Punk, these few words alone represent the state of mind with which we create the brand.

Elegance is the new Punk, these few words alone represent the state of mind with which we create the brand.

We’re all fed up with impostures, ostentatious fashion effects creating a false artificial difference, in a vicious cycle of 10 new standards per year.

We no longer want these pieces full of artifice and designed only to respond to a mass that we want to normalize. We must return to the fundamentals, to what makes everyone’s style and personality: to breathe a burst of Punk spirit into what France has created most beautifully: elegance.

Crédit: Keystone.

But what is the Punk state of mind?

First, the meaning of the word “punk”: thug in English. Okay, we’re talking about the original term and we can assure you there’s no (known) thug here. The advance of the Punk movement in England in the late 1970s was not without a rush. And for good reason, the world wasn’t going very well, kinda like now, but in 1976, in the middle of the Margaret Thatcher era, the Punk youth feared for their future and made it known by shouting a radical hatred against the modern world #noFuture.

And like any build-up of cleavage and ideological movements, it will result in codes that make it possible to affirm one’s belonging…

First, punk music: then in full success of disco, the Punks will create their own means of expression, rather dynamic (sweet euphemism) from which will be born the Sex Pistol, English group emblematic of the movement (we will remember “God Save the Queen »)

Fashion level: the hippie movement and its bell-bottoms lose ground. It’s the Punk’s time to get noticed. Jeans are torn, rockers’ leather jackets take on a new shape with badges, nails, safety pins and skulls. At the foot of the Punks: Creepers, Dr Martens or Rangers appears (<3 <3 <3 fuck yeah #loveDrMartens! ).

Today, esther bancel does not claim to be part of the Punk movement, we were not even born at the time.

Crédit: Keystone.

On the other hand, we keep the image of punk as women and men who fight to ensure that all human beings are treated in an exemplary way, with respect for who they are and who they want to become: talking about non-conformism, clothes without gender (#fuckGender), Made in France, are all part of our ideal.


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