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news | January 31, 2020

We’re not complying (so too bad!)_

A year after officially launching the brand, it was time to make a first review…


news | November 22, 2019

esther bancel x Lionel Samain

To deconstruct the conventions of the traditional wardrobe, to remove gender restrictions, by combining irreverence and gentleness…

news | November 8, 2019

the 2nd fashion show in the brand’s history_

We wondered at length about the relevance and usefulness of the fashion shows… As a 2019 brand, we thought that the show…

news | September 17, 2019

the 1st fashion show in the brand’s history_

September 20th will forever remain as a very important date: that of the very first fashion show in the brand’s history…

the note | September 7, 2019

why we only produce to order_?

Many of you have asked us why we only operate to order and if we had planned to store…

discovery| July 25, 2019

Zoot Suit, embraces elegance_

We wanted to talk to you about the Zoot Suits… why? Well, because they’re really cool…

the note | July 15, 2019

what is neo-tailoring_?

Several decades ago, the costume was the main part of the dressing room, especially for men, then gradually for women…

discovery | July 7, 2019

the godfather of the New York underground cinema_

Well, you know, at esther bancel, we like all those who take risks and are not afraid not to please everyone…

discovery | June 15, 2019

emblem of counter-cultures: 10 things you need to know about Dr. Martens_

Hop, we tell you right away, in our house, Dr. Martens, it’s the couple’s shoe. Morgan wears them daily, Esther…

discovery | June 5, 2019

voguing is cool_

Voguing has recently become very popular thanks to the excellent Pose series. For us, the Vogueurs are among the ambassadors for those who take power over their lives…

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