Our obsession: not to create yet another brand and instead offer an experience that makes sense.

Twice a year, the brand offers an incredible collection of unisex pieces, in small quantities. Each piece is meticulously researched, studied and created in order to disrupt the codes of elegance. We commit ourselves!

“Elegance is the new punk”

1.Elegance is the perfect study of its pieces

Before the slightest stroke of a pencil we do an almost scientific research on underground cultures. We try to understand them and to decrypt the codes in order to integrate subtly into our creations. It’s a way for us to value people who, like us and you, fight for what they are.
#FreeLikeAPunk #StrongLikeAKing. Do not hesitate to ask the history and symbols of each piece.

2.Elegance is only creating little but with passion

We all love to wear exclusive pieces, which we do not see everywhere. Don’t we? It is because we consider fashion as a passionate art that we produce our pieces in limited and numbered quantities. You will never have the same piece as someone else in the party!
Moreover, it corresponds to our need to be responsible for our actions towards the planet and have the least impact on our environment. You can see all our actions here or suggest others by email.

3.Elegance is choosing our partners for their values

The partners we work with have a huge impact on the brand. That’s why every partner is chosen after a long period of study and testing. This allows us to ensure that we work with the same desires and purpose; to offer you the most extraordinary pieces possible. 80% of our partners are French and 20% European. We will always favor these criteria even if it is often more expensive, takes longer and is more difficult for us. But you deserve this effort!

4.Elegance is transparency

We decided to tell you everything. It’s simple, we do not know how to move forward without trust. That’s why throughout the site, in our communications, on our social networks like Instagram, we are transparent. You will know everything about us. And if any information is missing, it’s simple: continue reading about us by subscribing to the newsletter or, even better, if you are impatient ask by email!

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