our story_

Among these communities of artists who need to create in order to liberate or even exorcise their fears and cracks, we have chosen fashion as our primary means of expression.We’re Esther and Morgan and we’re the founding duo and married couple behind the Parisian neo-couture label esther bancel.

esther bancel is an artistic reflection on what society considers to be conventional or unconventional and how we can better accept it, even sublimate it.
All this creates a kind of conflict in our creations.The conflict between what is darkest and forbidden within us and the sometimes invisible poetry that surrounds it. We like to reveal it.

But it doesn’t stop there, as we also question the whole way we should consume the garment. More than a brand, it’s a way of doing things that we want to develop. A movement totally contrary to the habits in place… #neocouture

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