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Among those communities of artists who need to create to free or even exorcise their fears and hurts, they have chosen fashion as their primary means of expression. Esther and Morgan, the brand’s creative duo and married couple behind the Parisian label esther bancel, came together through their desire to convey messages.

esther bancel is a reflection on what society considers to be non-compliant or non-conventional and how we can better accept it, or even sublimate it.
Our vision of the world is that of a universe where the darkness of our fears is softened and ennobled by a whole range of poetic acts and symbols.
All this creates a kind of conflict in our creations. The conflict between the darkest and most forbidden things in us and the sometimes invisible poetry that surrounds it. I like to reveal it.

The brand is shaped as a liberating act, dedicated to the boldness and affirmation of what is seen or considered non-conformist.
Since my adolescence, clothing has had this liberating role, which like a social shell transmits messages that I think are essential.
Being with Morgan around this brand allows me to make this possible for others as well.

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